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Securing Your Energy Future
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Securing Your Energy Future.

Clients We Serve

Government: federal, state, municipalities

RECS works with federal and state government agencies to help reduce their energy costs and/or provide guidance on energy policy that may impact ratepayers. For instance, as a subcontractor to a larger consulting firm, RECS often represents the interests of large federal executive agencies in state-level retail utility rate proceedings to reduce energy costs at federal installations. As another example, RECS provides energy economics consulting services to assist state and federal government decision-makers in their evaluation of proposed legislation and regulations.

Consulting firms serving regulated utilities, large industrial and commercial businesses

We partner or subcontract to other consulting firms to serve what utilities consider “large retail customers.” Large commercial and industrial customers have high energy usage and energy demand that may require being connected directly to the primary distribution level or the subtransmission level, typically requiring specialized equipment. These utility customers have substantial energy costs that are largely determined by energy market dynamics, policy changes, and utility rates and fees. Thus, we provide representation in state and federal regulatory proceedings.

Non-Profit Organizations

RECS works with non-profit organizations that may need short-term help responding rapidly to changes in national or state-level energy policy. We develop and execute national and state campaigns to strengthen climate and energy policies. We provide energy economic analyses to provide guidance on the development and implementation of such policy.




I worked closely with Maureen Reno in two utility rate cases in Oklahoma. Ms. Reno served as an expert witness on rate of return for the federal government. She has a keen understanding of financial markets and their effect on utility risk. Ms. Reno was highly effective in her written and oral testimony, and she provided thoughtful analysis of opposing testimony. Her work played a major role in helping the government to achieve its litigation objectives.

— Matthew Dunne, former regulatory law attorney for the federal government

Maureen took responsibility for planning and executing statewide communications and public affairs on behalf of a nationally recognized non profit focused on clean energy technologies and the Clean Power Plan. Ms. Reno is a talented energy economist, with a strong handle on utility regulatory issues and extensive expertise on carbon reduction and clean energy policies. Her expertise and knowledge of the electricity and energy sectors were invaluable when educating the public and elected officials on the environmental and rate impacts of energy policy at the federal and state levels. She has a keen understanding of electricity and energy markets, and can explain their complexities in an understandable way.
— Roger Stephenson, Stephenson Strategic Communications