Reno Energy Consulting
Securing Your Energy Future
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Securing Your Energy Future.



Reno Energy Consulting Services (RECS) helps secure clients’ energy futures by creating customized solutions from a menu of these primary services:

●      Regulation and policy analysis

●      Ratemaking

●      Assessment of utility costs and tariff analysis

●      Evaluation of alternative energy investments

●      Outreach and public policy advocacy



In a recent electricity rate case in Oklahoma, Maureen Reno served as an expert witness representing the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). As a large customer of a regulated electric utility, the DoD was concerned by the utility's proposed net requested revenue increase of 11.4 percent per year resulting in an increase of 10.5 percent in the DoD's electricity costs.
Ms. Reno provided significant evidence in written and oral testimony convincing the commission to reject the utility's proposed financial risk adjustment in estimating the utility's return on equity and awarded a lower return to the utility. This ruling on the rate of return, among others issues, led to an increase in electric service rates of about 7.5 percent, which was lower than the initial proposed increase of 10.5 percent.
As a result of Ms. Reno's convincing testimony, one of the client's military installations expects a reduction in rates of roughly 40 percent of what was initially proposed.

Reno Energy Consulting Services works for your company, government agency or nonprofit organization to stabilize your energy costs by influencing rates and increasing  control over energy costs. RECS delivers practical, customized solutions, just in time, at a reasonable rate.

Assessment of Utility Costs and Tariff Analysis

RECS’ experience with utility ratemaking, utility rate design, and the energy market structures across the United States, enables our experts to evaluate your regulated utility's tariffs and competitive energy service offerings and alternatives. RECS then assesses your facility/campus energy usage and recommends ways to reduce or stabilize your energy costs over time.

Regulation and policy analysis

RECS assists state and federal government decision-makers in their evaluation of legislation and regulations. With its deep understanding of energy markets, RECS provides clients with energy economics analyses, recommendations, and policy proposals in a format specific to each client’s needs, such as oral and written comments and testimony. Our services include but are not limited to cost-benefit analysis, market forecasting, and utility rate impacts.

Evaluation of alternative energy investments

RECS provides evaluation of alternative utility supplies, such as energy efficiency, demand response programs, electric vehicle infrastructure, and renewable energy technologies. Analysis of these investments include cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, and return on investment.


RECS has extensive experience intervening on behalf of clients in the utility ratemaking process. RECS has proven capabilities in rate of return analysis and rate design.  For instance, Ms. Reno has represented federal executive agencies in both settled and litigated state utility rate proceedings in Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Outreach and public policy advocacy

RECS delivers consulting services to municipalities, states, and the federal government that can build support for strong climate and clean energy policies by engaging the public and elected officials through targeted visits with state and U.S. legislators, presentations, speeches, and use of social and traditional media. We also communicate directly with targeted legislators and their staff, providing reports and analyses on key energy policies and their impacts.